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Mike Wilson, owner of Redstick Home Remodeling and Repair, has been serving the Columbia and surrounding areas (Boonville, Jefferson City, Ashland, Fayette, Hallsville and Harrisburg) for over nine years. He is licensed and insured and has the answers to all your home needs. Services include: * basement remodeling including stud wall building, sheetrock, trim work, painting and flooring * bathroom remodeling including shower, tub, vanity and commode replacement * kitchen remodeling including cabinet replacement/renovation and countertop, faucet, flooring and backsplash replacement * window and door replacement * general home maintenance including caulking, sheetrock repair, light and faucet fixture replacement and siding and soffet repair/replacement * deck building and replacement * retaining walls * seasonal- snow removal and brush hogging


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by Cindy Giesing on 12/19/2012
I had fairly simple repairs needed -- install new bottom bracket for one leg of the wrought iron porch railing, redo two cement places that had been poorly patched, and deal with a large crack on corner of bottom step. I provided the bottom bracket and a bag of patching cement. Mike came by and looked at it, sent Matt to figure out what to do and do it. Matt fixed the corner crack but said the bracket was 1/4" too big for the railing. That night Mike told me Matt recommended replacing the entire railing (very expensive). I said can't you use putty or something and make it work. Mike came by and looked at it with me, called Matt and told him what to do. It got done. I got a bill for $375 (not itemized). I objected and Mike lowered it to $300 which reportedly included $55 for materials (what materials?). Now one week later one of the cosmetic patches is peeling away already. Mike says he can send Matt by but he'll have to charge me. I said no thanks. I will buy (again) some patching cement and do it myself, which is what I should have done in the first place.
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