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Is it possible to take control of your health?
Is there actually a home-based business you
can be proud to represent?
Can you really find hope in a can?
And, we believe we’ve found it in Reliv.
Take a closer look and tell us what you think.

Welcome! Hello, my name is Sarah Thoenen and I am an independent Reliv distributor for over eight years. This incredible company called Reliv came into my life at the end of 2003. I was not looking for an opportunity. I had a great job working as a registered nurse. What I needed was better health and nutrition. Taking the Reliv products, I have received results with digestive issues, joint support, weight control and with my immune system.

Until eight years ago, I was following the 40 – 45 year work plan, but I quickly discovered that there was something special happening when I shared with others. They too, were having significant changes with their health. This is when I wanted to learn more. After attending a conference and meeting others in this business, an action plan was put together. Within six weeks, with the help of my sponsor, the initial order was moved and eight business partners joined the company. My investment was back along with $1,700.00 worth of profit, $2,200.00 for sponsoring, and an all expense paid trip. This totaled more than $5,000.00. The best part of all of this was getting to know Bob and Sandy Montgomery. They said, If you make this about others and not about yourself you will never have to work again.

I will continue to share the blessings of Reliv with others. In the year 2012, my income will go into the six figure range. With struggling times, many people are praying for ways to replace income and change their health. I know that Reliv is that vehicle and I will pave the way forward to help this company become number one.


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by Tana Helton Sullens on 4/3/2012
Sarah came to our house and spent over 2 hours with my son. She is very knowledgeable, friendly and willing to help. I would highly recommend Reliv and Sarah.
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