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by April Nida-Brashier on 7/8/2013
Your abusive to elderly women and you don't finish jobs that you have started!! I will be reporting you to every agency I can in the next couple of days!! You are lucky that I was out of town this past weekend when you treated my elderly mother the way you did!!She had just returned home from surgery for the second time in two weeks when you were rude to her and refused to finish what you started!! I suggest to everyone that they really review you before hiring you to do anything in there home!!
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Brian Topping on 7/11/2013
I have never met this person. So, as to how she has become so thoroughly misinformed, I can't say. We treat all our customers fairly and with respect--- unless or until THEIR actions make a different approach necessary. In that event, our techs are trained to politely excuse themselves and leave if they feel threatened by persons or circumstance... Safety first, last and always. It's simple math, run enough service calls and eventually you are bound to run into a raving lunatic. C'est la vie!