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by Stephanie Kopp on 1/15/2014
Called for service but was told my place wasn't worth it. Apparently if your house has a crawl space it is too inconvenient and your business isn't worth their time. Plumbing is different in a lot of houses and some is with walls, or under houses, or deep in the ground. Please advertise the work you are unwilling to do and work on your phone customer services skills. I understand crawl spaces are not ideal, and yea can get messy, but plumbing can get messy no matter where the pipes run.
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Affordable Same Day Service on 1/15/2014
I gave the caller a price for me to come out. I let the caller know that most of my plumbers don't usually go into a crawl space that you have to literally crawl, due to a broken line and the costs can be expensive and gave her the name of another contractor that would do the work. We usually have someone that can come out and see the job but with the cold weather and access issue we don't want to waste a callers time.
Affordable Same Day Service Livingston on 7/20/2016
We try to clarify information on customers problems prior to going out. We don't want to waste a customers time by going out and looking at a job we are un able to do the work, we would rather you get the right contractor for your specific need. Sorry for the misunderstanding. We do plumbing, heating and air conditioning but we are limited to where the equipment is to work on it