RI-MOR Mulch and Landscape Center

3300 Brown Station Rd
Columbia, Mo 65202
Email: info@rimormulch.com
Phone: (573) 474-8378

About Us

We specialize in the highest quality of screened top soil, clay fill and boulder products and for over 20 years, our growing team has been helping individuals, contractors and landscapers just like you to meet their landscaping needs in a cost-effective and timely fashion. We can meet your topsoil needs with the largest quantities of screened topsoil at a better price than our competitors, and we are well-known throughout Mid-Missouri for the high quality of our products, the timeliness of our delivery and for our top-grade customer service.

One key factor we focus on is protecting the environment, and we work closely with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources on issues related to storm run off, erosion and levy control.


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