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We provide the following:

  • Web-based Camera systems/Monitoring
  • Internet Video Recording Services
  • Full Courtesy Officer Services
  • Roving Vehicle Patrols
  • Community-based Security Officers
  • Law-enforcement-based officers
  • Armed and Un-Armed Guards
  • Executive Protection
  • Emergency & Alarm response
  • Site access checks, lockups & unlocks
  • On-going maintenance & lighting assessments
  • Archived reporting for litigation support

**We are offering Vacationer packages starting at $49 per week!
This includes-
-10 random patrols at your home in a 7 day time period We will do door checks, monitor the exterior of your home, turn on/off Security lights all while giving you full visibility through a password protected web-based portal to view daily reports.You may also have your Home electronics Security provider add us to your list of responders to give you peace of mind while your on Vacation!

We are law enforcement owned and operated, offering law enforcement and community-based security personnel, incorporating state-of-the-art technology to provide customized security services to the business community. As members of the law enforcement profession, we have strong relationships within the community, are trusted, credible and respected; which contributes to devising synergic security programs for our customers.

We offer unrivaled services because of our managerial capabilities, which encompass recruiting higher quality personnel and training them in dealing with the most crucial security issues facing our customers today. Implementation of technologically advanced tools has allowed us to streamline the logistics of managing our personnel and assists us in holding them accountable.

Roving Vehicle Patrols

One of our most diverse security service offerings is the Roving Patrol Tour. These tours are performed in a uniquely branded Signal 88 Security vehicle; well-marked and highly visible, unlike ordinary vehicles typically used in the security industry. In addition to being highly visible, all of our patrol vehicles are fully equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and communications devices, including military spec laptop computers, wireless data and voice communications, GPS mapping and tracking tools, guidance and reporting software and emergency lighting systems.

The reason our tours are so diverse is they may be applied for any circumstance and for all customers. Examples of where we deploy tours include customers with multiple disparate locations, special events, seasonal needs, temporary services, emergency responses and special attentions. Plus, our tours may be easily randomized and customized to best meet the needs of our customers.

Camera Systems

Through our web-based application, customers are provided an encrypted username and password that allows them, and only them, to access their cameras using the internet. Imagine never again having to spend thousands of dollars on a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) that will eventually go to sleep, wear out or get turned off. No more looking for video only to find out after the fact that the DVR didn’t work properly or a camera wasn’t transmitting video. All of that is eliminated with the Internet Video Recorder.


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by Heather Coberley on 12/3/2010
I can not say enough wonderful things about Signal 88 Security. Signal 88 goes above and beyond to ensure that the companies that they serve are well protected. Our company serves 300 college students and not only has Signal 88 decreased our petty crime rate, but they have helped to control the weekend activity on our property. Both the staff and residents of our community have only wonderful things to say about the Signal 88 team. We definitely feel that Signal 88 is an asset to our business!
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by Jeff Holmes on 11/28/2010
With crime ever increasing in the area, having a plan to protect your belongings only makes sense. We took our family on an extended weekend vacation. I had concerns about leaving the house vacant for so long. I had heard that Signal 88 Security had an affordable extended weekend package so I decided to check it out. Matt from Signal 88 was very helpful and they did have a very affordable plan. The piece of mind you gain is well worth it. The detailed report you can access and know exactly when they are randomly patroling is great. I can certainly see how the police must love to have this sort of detailed information should something occur. 6 weeks later we went on another weekend vacation with friends. I recommended they consider Signal 88 while we were gone. Both families did use Signal 88 and had the same great service. The uniformed officers and highly visible vehicle is so much better than the competition. I met did meet with one of the competitors and I could see the difference. They would not be visible like Signal 88. I actually thought they looked more like the bad guys I was trying to keep away. BTW - A recommendation your officer made during his patrol is now in place 24/7. I do appreciate the extra effort. I would highly recommend Signal 88 Security to any family or business needing security. Thank you! J. Holmes Columbia, MO
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