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by mike smith on 2/27/2015 (last edited on 2/27/2015)
Would rate 0..Switched to save a few dollars ended up costing me big..owner had us sign contract and that's the last we seen of John Darby..the guys that did cut are yard drove 2 huge 72in mowers and flew threw yard leaving burn out holes and bare spots..weedeated only once ever 6 weeks and the weedkill we payed extra for still had dandelion and clove.."Don't make the mistake I did stick with your community's residential lawn care provider and stay away from big commercial outfits that will tell you what you want to hear but you will never see
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by John Trower on 6/16/2014
Terrible service, mows way too fast with a huge mower that throws grass clear across the yard. Do not hire. He has a stupid contract he wants you to sign up for and you will end up paying more for mowing while he is not there. Does not replace damages in yard and also bids yards from other professional mowers in areas telling them everything they want to hear and then not produce. Save your time and don't call that is the simplest thing to do.
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