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Need full service vehicle maintenance done to your vehicle? Wondering if at Simpson Import we work on your make and model of car? At Simpson Import with over 30 years combined experience we can work on any make or model of car, truck, SUV as well as heavy duty vans.

We do specialize in Volvo with the tools and experience to work on Volvo cars and SUVs. We also stock some original genuine Volvo parts and the availablity to have parts shipped next day so you can have your car back fast.

You don’t have a Volvo? Thats ok we work on all makes and models from Honda, Nissan and Toyota to Audi and BMW, and lets not forget all the american made cars we can service including Ford Motor Company, General Motors amd Chysler.

Bring your vehicle in today we can do Missouri Motor Vehhicle safety inspections as well as Charge your A/C, run scan test to check out a service engine soon light , lube oil and filters, check and replace brakes and service OR replace rotors, We also do big jobs such as replace motors, valve cover gaskets or remove and replace head gaskets, service four wheel drive, timing Belt replcements, fuel pumps.We are now equipted to sell tires as well as balance and service all of your tire needs.  


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by ben faber on 4/22/2011
I've been taking my cars to Simpson import for years now, and would never go anywhere else. The staff there is friendly, honest, and flexible. Whether it's a check engine light, an oil change, or a major repair, Brad, Doug, and the rest of the guys at Simpson have always taken care of me, and there's never been a shadow of a doubt in my mind that I got exactly what I needed and nothing more.
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