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14874 Clayton Road
Chesterfield, MO 63017
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Smitty's Food and Drink

“Smittys, not just a bar, a bar with great food”. Recipes and food precise and redefined for 23 years. The consistency of the food everytime you visit is what makes our product better then most in the biz. The same cooks using the same ingredients with the same recipe over and over again. Result same great quality every time. Smittys caesar dressing is the same used since opening day. The best caesar salad in town, bar none. Soups are all made in house. No frozen in the bag soups like some of our neighbors use. After years of trial and error we have found only quality products barring no cost for quality.

Quality meat choice.. Sauces made to order.Our fried chicken is a wednesday classic. People arriving at 4:30 to wait for a seat to eat the best chicken around. Hodacks has nothing on us. Promise you. Chicken is made to order. So the wait is worth it. No chicken sitting under a heat lamp for 30 minutes. Also we give you the choice of pieces unlike some of the competition. Other popular items. Calve liver. Sauteed with onion in a balsamic & red wine reduction sauce topped with crispy bacon. A choice 8 oz. beef filet cooked modiga or peppercorn style with bordelaise sauce. Best value around $18.95. Beef brisket that puts the competitions to shame. A 12-14 oz. walleye filet lightly dusted and pan seared that is fabulous. And yes it is the real thing. real walleye. Our catfish filet is our biggest seller. We have also re-tweeked that product as well. We have found and asian catfish filet that is cleaner and flakier tasting then our local farm raised catfish. try it you will love it. Shrimp are tastier then ever right now. Our scampi or tutto mare’ is an outstanding value at $11.95. 10 to 12 shrimp with a tasty side dish.

Smittys has been in business for 23 great years. The bar has that friendly corner bar and restaurant feel without that phony corporate feel. Employees at Smittys, most have been there as long as smittys has. They have a dedication and loyalty to the business and it shows through to the customers they serve. Live music shows up quite frequently most weekends. Having only the finest quality bands and musicians. Who most also have long time dedication and history with smittys as well. I guess its all about loyalty and Smittys has it. Bar none.



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by Scott Phillips on 8/12/2011 (last edited on 8/18/2011)
We love this place, the food is not what you would expect from a bar & grill, although their "bar food" is awesome. They have a great atmosphere and the staff is very friendly. We are there at least once a week and really like the steaks, pasta and everything we have tried. If you have not been to Smitty's you are missing out on some of the best food in Chesterfield.
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