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Being in career transition in 2011 is no place for the meek. Praparation and mind set are everything.

Resumes will have to be razor sharp
Accomplishments quantifiable
Interviewing skills honed to perfection
and networking considered as necessary as breathing

The Storm Rider career coaching philosophy is firmly grounded in the belief that you have the capabilities to meet this challenge. It is my job to help you set a course that will lead to not just a satisfying career, but a more fulfilling life.

If you’re ready to embark on a bold and exciting journey of self-exploration and career fulfillment, then let’s get started!

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by Jenny Fort on 4/26/2011
Dan Diedriech served as my career coach during a four and a half month stretch of unemployment. He provided sound, reasonable advice on any job prospect I found, and I relied upon his expertise in knowing how to read between the lines in job descriptions to determine whether or not they might be a good match for me. Dan came to our phone call sessions prepared and professional, and made himself available to me whenever I needed him. Dan's background in communications and public relations set him apart in being able to listen and understand, and I highly recommend him to those in need of professional career coaching services. Jenny Woodard Fort Director of Development, Rohan Woods School
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by Cathi Harris on 4/24/2011
Having utilized the services of Dan Diedriech and Storm Rider Career Coaching and Outplacement Services for several months now, I can attest to the following areas in which I have had great success: * Setting a clear agenda for each discussion; clarifying goals, defining a plan of action, and discussing any outcomes expected. * Identifying my skills and areas of expertise, and assisting me with how best to showcase them in an interview, on a resume, etc. * Helping me to define what my true passions were – and how to seek a career that allowed me to do something I really enjoy which will allow me to work to live – not live to work. * Truly listening to what I said – and that which I didn’t articulate – in order to get to the real issues at hand. I sometimes find that I talk “around” a subject in a more conversational style, and Mr. Diedriech was able to assist me in both focusing and detailing what was at the “heart” of my concerns. * Challenging me to think outside of my comfort zone – in order to consider other avenues to pursue or ways in which I can look at my situation. Simply put – utilizing the services provided helped me to gain a much better perspective on my work situation – and to get started on a plan to accomplish my goals. I would highly recommend Mr. Diedriech. I am in a much better situation now than I was just a few months ago.
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by Susan Whitcomb on 4/21/2011
Looking for a career coach to help you weather the storm? Dan Diedriech has the perfect blend of career strategy, experienced insight, and well-orchestrated action plans that will shift you from stuck to unstoppable. And, he knows the hiring side of the desk, so you can be sure to out-position the competition and land your next career win!
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