Studio South Salon

3605 S Providence Rd # 3
Columbia, MO 65203
Phone: (573) 875-1824

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by Calyn Leake on 9/21/2012
I bought a groupon for here and was a little worried because reviews weren't great. However, I had Melanie Welch as my stylist and she did an awesome job. I hadn't been to a stylist for a while so my hair was very long (dark, thick and curly- with pale skin and eyes my natural hair has never done more then wash me out). Not being a stylist I was able to discribe what I wanted in laymans terms (short, barely able to pull back if needed, good looking highlights and easy to scrunch and go curly if short on time). She did exactly that and it looks great! I am really really happy with it. I walked in a little concerned and left a very very happy customer. I will definitly be coming back. I wanted to put on here that I had some trouble finding them (google maps navigation tells you you've arrived at your destination while in the middle of providence) they are sorta behind gerbes in that area of shop fronts. The inside of the salon was smallish (set ups for about 8 stylists at the most) but was nicely decorated and very clean. There isn't a lot of waiting area (I had a friend and my two small boys with me at the time). But they have a couple toys for kids and we brought crayons and coloring books, so it wasn't an issue. Melanie was very friendly and made me feel very at ease. Very personable I guess is the word. My husband loved my hair too, so it definitly was a score on all fronts, lol :-)
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