Tiger Express Wash

2601 Grindstone Pkwy
Columbia, MO 65201
Phone: 573-449-3715
Website: www.tigerexpresswash.com

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About Us

"Take It To The Tiger"

Tiger Express Wash is the premier auto detailing center and car wash company in Columbia, MO.    Our full service automotive detailing center is located on the corner of Providence and Nifong at 3715 Sandman Lane. 

We offer 3 convenient locations for all of your Car Wash needs which includes FREE vacuums.   Clean Cars and great service effectively describes Tiger Express Wash! 

Tiger Express Locations:
*  212 Nebraska Avenue
   Columbia, MO. 65203

*  2601 Grindstone Parkway
   Columbia, MO. 65201

*  3715 Sandman Lane
   Columbia MO. 65201

    Flex Service
   1510 Missouri Blvd.
   Jefferson City, MO 65109
   (573) 634-8453
   Mon-Sat 7AM - 8PM
   Sun 8AM - 8PM

Car Wash Packages:


$28.99 Black and Gold Full Service Wash
- Truman Wash Plus
- ArmorAll Body Shield 
- 5 Day Guarantee for ANOTHER Black and Gold Full Service Wash
- Fast Wax
- Air Freshner

$20.99 Truman Full Service Wash
- TigerTail Wash Plus
- Triple Polish
- ArmorAll Tire Shine
- 2 Day Guarantee for a Tiger Express Wash Exterior Only

$18.99 TigerTail Full Service Wash
- Tiger Express Wash Plus
- Wheel Brightener
- Underbody Rust Inhibitor

$16.99 Tiger Express Full Service Wash
- ArmorAll Clearcoat
- Whitewall
- Spot-Free Rinse
- Blowers

****Full Service Wash Includes:****
- Exterior Wash
- Interior Vacuum
- Interior Windows
- Dashboard, Cupholder and Console Wipedown
- Thorough Hand-dry


$8.99 Tiger Express Wash
- Exterior Wash
- Spot Free Wash
- Whitewall
- Dryer

$10.99 Tiger Tail
Tiger Express wash plus:
- Underbody
- Clear coat
- Wheel Brite

$12.99 Truman
Tiger Tail Plus:
- Triple Polish
- Armor All Tire Shine

$15.99 Black and Gold
Truman Plus:
- Armor All Body Shield

****Every exterior wash comes with free vacuums and towel.****

 Automotive Detailing Packages: (Full Service Location Only)

Hand Wax - $30.00
- Wax applied by hand to all painted surfaces for superior protection and clean shine.

Carpet Shampoo - $30.00
- Cleans and freshens carpet surfaces. (Mats seperate)

Leather Care by ZEP - $30.00
- Two-step process cleans and conditions to keep seat leather pliable, lustrous and healthy.

Enhance All - Interior Armor All - $30.00
- Protectant applied to all vinyl and rubber surfaces on dashboard, center console, and all door panels.

Fast Wax - $15.00
- Wax sprayed on all painted surfaces for superior protection and clean shine.

Express Detail Packages: (Full Service Location Only)

Tiger Express Detail Package - $42.50
- Black & Gold Wash plus any one (1) Express Detail Service. (Includes a 5-day guarantee)

Tiger Tail Detail Package - $52.50
- Black & Gold Wash plus any two (2) Express Detail Services. (Includes a 5-day guarantee)

Truamn Detail Package - $62.50
- Black & Gold Wash plus any three (3) Express Detail Services. (Includes a 5-day guarantee)

Black and Gold Detail Package - $72.50
- Black & Gold Wash plus any four (4) Express Detail Services. (Includes a 5-day guarantee)

Complete Detail: ( Full Service Location Only)

Small Size Cars ---- $109.00
Medium Size Cars, Trucks and SUVs ---- $129.00
Large Size Cars, Trucks and SUVs ---- $149.00

Complete Detail Includes:
- Exterior wash (Includes road tar, insects, tree sap, contaminants, old wax and stains)
- Buff painted surface with fine polishing compound to remove small scratches and oxidation
- Buff painted surface second time to remove swirls and restore color and luster
- Apply coating of ArmorAll High Shine for long-lasting protection
- Detail all exterior surfaces, including a thorough cleaning of tires, wheels, wheel wells, door jambs, chrome molding and windows
- Buff two stages process on headlights to remove the opaque and yellow surface of the acrylic and resotre clarity o fyour headlight to like-new condition
- Dress tires, spare tire and wheel wells
- Vacuums, shampoo and dry seats, carpets, trim panels, floor mats and arm rests
- Two-step process with leather care by ZEP, cleans and conditions to keep seat leather pliable, lustrous and healthy
- Vacuum, shampoo and dry trunk
- Meticulously clean interior trim, door panels, console and dashboard
- Apply Ehance- All (Interior Armor All) to all vinyl and rubber surfaces, dashboard, center console and all door panels
- Wash all door jambs
- Clean all glass surfaces

Extra Services: (Full Service Location Only)
Air Freshener - $2.00
Tar Removal - $20.00
Matt Shampoo (2 front) - $5.00
Mat Shampoo (2 rear) - $5.00
Mat Shampoo (third row) - $5.00
Triple Polish - $3.00
Tire Shine - $3.00
Wheel Brite - $3.00
Rain-X - $4.00
SUV's, Vans - $2.00


Ask our staff members about our:
*Gift Cards
*Unlimited Passes
*Air Fresheners
*Prepaid Cards
*Exclusive Email list

Visit our website for:
*Is it washable?
*Comment Cards


Monday- Saturday:

573-256-5929 (Nebraska Ave)
573-256-2601 (Grindstone Pkwy)
573-449-3715 (Sandman Lane)
573-634-8453(Jefferson City)
Website http://www.tigerexpresswash.com


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by Jessie Yankee on 2/8/2012
Tiger express wash is by far the best car wash ever! I only wish they had a location on the west broadway side of town, by the mall area!.
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