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Tim’s Automotive in Columbia, MO is a family owned business in the automotive industry. We work on both foreign and domestic vehicles as well as tractors and buses. At Tim's Automotive we expertly service brakes, conduct auto inspections and auto diagnostics and repair trucks and diesel engines.

We are open 8am-5pm Monday-Sunday
Auto Brake Shops
Your brakes are essential to your vehicle. Not only do working brakes keep you and your passengers safe, but they also prevent collisions and premature tire wear and tear. Our experts will help you understand and fix the problems your vehicle is experiencing and will help you to get back on the road.
Diesel Engine Repair Shops
Here at Tim’s Automotive we know diesels. From major repairs to simple tune-ups, you can trust us with your diesel vehicle. Our Diesel Engine Repair Shop and our team of experts make repairs and replacements easy. With a great knowledge of engines, our team will get you back on the road driving smoothly in no time.
Auto Transmission Shops
Here at Tim’s Automotive we understand how transmission works. From replacing and regulating transmissions fluids to all the parts that go into a functioning automobile’s transmission, our experts are here to help you get your car running smoothly.

"We are here for all of your automotive repair needs!"

Give us a call at (573) 474-6910 or Noodle us for an appointment.


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by Christy Kremer on 11/26/2012
I took my 99 Toyota Camry, Maxine, in for service at the local Toyota dealership. I was quoted over $1500+ for rear wheel assembly/bearings and some other stuff that is foreign to my vocabulary. Friends /family told me the estimate sounded quite high for the diagnosis. A friend told me about Tim's Automotive. The local dealership that quoted me $1500+ also told me they would need to keep my vehicle a day or two because they had to "order parts". I took my car to Tim before 8 am and he repaired it the same day for .....get this......$253.78! (He did tell me in the future it may need more work, but he would like to start with this repair first as he didn't want to replace anything that he didn't need to!) Are you kidding me? Do they even make honest mechanics like this anymore? And his wife, Loretta was so knowledgeable about my vehicle and so helpful when I called. Tim's Automotive is definitely #1 for me. I won't be going anywhere else!
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by Jeanne Storm on 5/8/2012
Tim and his wife provide a very high level of service. I can get my vehicles in on short notice, and they do a great job. Both are very knowledgable about vehicles, and I like doing business with folks I can trust. I also like supporting those who have served in the military. Thanks again!
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by Kaitln Roweton on 5/8/2012
Being a college student in Columbia I didn't know where to go for trustworthy, quality service. Tim's was recommended to me by a friend and though it's a bit of drive to get there, it's worth it. I have had countless problems (AC issues, post-car wreck damage, etc.) with '01 vehicle and Tim is always very prompt and does a great job. He goes above and beyond to provide personalized service such as texting me when I couldn't call (because I was in class), communicating between me and my dad on the more costly repairs and when my car finally died, he even offered to look over any cars I was considering to make sure they were alright. I never never rate/review service or retailers, but I created an account so I could speak for the incredible help I have received from Tim's Automotive.
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by Julia Goodwin on 10/30/2011
Very informative about repairs. Estimates for work are very good. Trustworthy. Also they do vehicle Inspections -saves the time to get repairs done- then go to another place to get this done. Has the latest updated tools for your vehicles. I recommend the services to anyone and everyone. In the summer need an air conditioner updated-this is the place to go.
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