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About Us

You’ve come to the most comprehensive and complete HealthCARE clinic in Mid-Missouri. We offer a variety of diagnostic and treatment services to fix what it is that ails you. We don’t mask pain, but rather get to the root of the problem and right the foundation that will set you back on the path to health and wellness.

From the time you step through the door to the time you leave, you will experience our state-of-the-art office. We have a grand waiting room and spacious 1800 s.f. Physical Therapy suite. Our 7,000 s.f. office is truly spectacular as is the staff and doctors.

Our multi-specialty clinic practitioners are experts at what they do.


Dr. Brian Hoselton, Chiropractor, assesses spinal and joint and nerve conditions (among other things). He will perform a thorough examination to determine the exact location of your cause for dis-ease and pain. He uses a variety of treatment methods to fix your spinal condition and correct the problem. He finds what works best for You, and utilizes a personal treatment approach.

Many problems are related to your posture. As your posture specialist, he can assess musculoskeletal deficiencies, and offer specific exercises to improve your posture.

Dr. Hoselton also assesses your bioenergetic physiological responses to neurological stressors. The new Bax Aura machine is utilized to measure your body’s response to specific stressors, and treatments are given with a cold laser to specific acupuncture points to reset the way your body addresses stressors. Your body then tones down it’s response to those stressors and the manifestation of dis-ease goes away. Food allergies are a good example of this process, yet there are many others as well.

hCG Weight Loss

Our hCG Weight loss program is supervised by Dr. Hoselton and is a safe and very effective way to lose up to 30 pounds in 30 days. We have many success stories and can help you lose weight too.

Smoking Cessation Program

Our laser acupuncture treatments can help you stop smoking now. Laser treatments with homeopathic drops can help you throw away those cigarettes forever.


Dr. Zilke is our expert Physical Therapist. He specializes in spinal conditions and diabetic neuropathy. He can train your body to perform the way it was intended, and help your body heal faster and more completely. He utilizes Anodyne light therapy to increase the nitric oxide levels in the blood, increasing circulation and improving numbness in the hands and feet of diabetics.


Kelly DeLeal, LMT is our expert massage therapist and works closely with Dr. Hoselton and Dr. Zilke on cases. If you simply want stress relief or need myofascial release, or deep tissue — he can do it all.

We are providers for a variety of insurances and have very reasonable time of service cash discounts. We will do everything we can to make your healthcare possible at very reasonable cost.

Please call our office today at 573-642-9999 to make an appointment with any of our providers. We are here to serve you in any capacity we are able. Our patients are like our family and you will love our staff and our doctors!


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by jacob jac on 10/13/2023
Living with digestive issues had been a constant struggle until I found solace in [ Total Health & Rehabilitation Center, PC ] . Their yoga regimen not only completely cured my ailments but also transformed my overall health for the better. When I started attending classes at [ Total Health & Rehabilitation Center, PC ] yoga studio, I was amazed by the transformational power of their yoga regimen. Not only did it address my digestive issues, but it also brought a sense of peace and balance into my life that I had never experienced before. The instructors' expertise and the studio's welcoming atmosphere contributed to my overall healing journey and I can’t be more thankful. Before discovering this yoga studio, I had experienced the incredible benefits of Biomagnetism therapy. My journey with Biomagnetism therapy was eye-opening. It showed me the remarkable potential of the therapy. It was a pivotal moment in my quest for health and well-being which I can’t help but refer back to now. Biomagnetism therapy is a non-invasive and drug-free approach that restores the body's pH balance through the application of magnets to specific parts of the body. Thus this therapy speeds up healing and promotes overall well-being. Due to its inherent non-invasiveness and drug-free approach, it's compatible with any treatment and can work wonders for various health concerns. I can't help but suggest that [Total Health & Rehabilitation Center, PC] yoga studio explores the integration of Biomagnetism with their practice. Combining the benefits of yoga with Biomagnetism therapy is sure to provide a more comprehensive and holistic approach to healing for their students. It's an approach I truly believe in, and I encourage them to consider it. For those interested in delving deeper into the world of Biomagnetism therapy, I recommend visiting
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by peter harold on 10/11/2023
Chronic fatigue had me in its clutches, making every day a struggle. Then, this yoga studio entered my life and turned it around. Their yoga regimen has been a blessing, wiping away my fatigue and replacing it with boundless energy. My gratitude knows no bounds. Before finding this sanctuary, I was introduced to Biomagnetism, and its effects were like magic. Reflecting on that now, Biomagnetism is a unique therapy that aligns beautifully with yoga. I learned that Biomagnetism leverages magnets to restore the body’s pH balance, expediting healing and nurturing overall well-being. Its non-invasive, drug-free nature makes it compatible with any and all other traditional as well as alternative treatments. I enthusiastically recommend that this yoga studio explore integrating Biomagnetism into their offerings. The combination is sure to unlock holistic healing potential beyond measure. To those curious, find more about Biomagnetism at
0 people found this review helpful
by Brain elmer on 9/23/2023
I had been struggling with chronic anxiety for years when I discovered Total Health & Rehabilitation Center, the incredible homeopathy doctor. Their homeopathy treatment not only alleviated my anxiety but completely cured it. I cannot express my gratitude enough. Before coming to Total Health & Rehabilitation Center, I had experienced Biomagnetism therapy, which had truly miraculous benefits, the benefits of it resonate with me to this day and I can’t help but refer back to it now. Biomagnetism therapy restores the body's pH balance by placing magnets on specific points of the body, accelerating healing naturally and promoting overall well-being. This non-invasive and drug-free approach is compatible with any form of treatment, conventional as well as alternative. Because of Biomagnetism’s holistic approach and its non-invasiveness and medicine free approach, it would seamlessly integrate with Homeopathy treatment. It would greatly enhance the healing process for their patients, just as it did for me. For more information, visit
0 people found this review helpful
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