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Visionary Woodwork is a full-service artisan woodworking shop located in Columbia, MO

With over 50 years combined experience in woodworking, Visionary Woodwork has provided custom artisan woodworking for Columbia and the surrounding areas in the finest of homes. 

Artisan furniture, custom cabinets, interior & exterior doors, bathrooms & staircases, mantels, reproduction period-style woodwork and fine interior trim are our hallmarks. 

In addition to working with homeowners, Visionary often partners with interior designers, architects, builders and appliance suppliers to enhance and streamline the design and function of a project. When you work with Visionary Woodwork, you can be confident that your home will be treated with the utmost care and respect. 

Be assured that the work that we produce will not only add monetary value to your home, but that you will benefit from the enhanced aesthetics and improved function. 

Visionary Woodwork can also help you with any custom work that you can imagine, including repair, refinishing and restoration of your existing woodwork, custom designed furniture pieces to complement your existing decor and full design of your new living space. Whether it's refinishing your front door with our superior exterior finish process, or rebuilding a cherished family heirloom, we will handle your custom needs with quality and care. 

At Visionary Woodwork we will take the time to understand your needs, preferences and personal style, while offering our own creative input to ensure that you get exactly what you need and desire at a price that you're comfortable with. 

Give Visionary Woodwork a call when it comes time to make a positive difference in your home. 


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by Matthew Shumar on 1/11/2012
I hired Scott [Visionary Woodwork] last year to design and build a custom kitchen in our home. Scott was fantastic at accommodating our needs and creating designs that accentuated our stylistic and functional needs. We first talked to some of the major box companies (for price reasons), but the quality and options were terrible. Visionary Woodwork provided everything we needed (and more!) for an even better price. Scott spent a lot of time creating custom designs based on our needs and interests. I do not think another company could have created such a spectacular kitchen as close to our initial vision. I would not hesitate to hire Visionary Woodwork again for another project in my home. Their creativity, professionalism, and pricing can not be beat. Anyone thinking about any project in their home should strongly consider Visionary Woodwork. They can not be matched.
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by Nicole Shelby on 12/29/2011
Visionary Woodwork does extremely amazing work! The detail the put into every piece they custom make is unreal. I would highly recommend them for any custom woodwork you need!
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