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Improving and maintaining the value of your outdoor property. Locally owned and operated, we are a growing part of the community in and around Columbia, MO. From lawncare and landscape features, to hazardous tree removal, please take a look at what we have to offer residential, rental, & commercial property owners.

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*  Lawn Care (Mowing, Aeration, Overseeding)
*  Lawn Applications ( Fertilization, Weed Killer)
*  Landscaping (Design, Installation, Maintenance)
*  Retaining Walls, Paver Patio's, Fencing, French Drains, Irrigation, Etc
*  Tree Trimming & Pruning
*  Tree & Stump Removal 
*  Emergency Storm Damage
*  Snow Removal


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by Rocky Dunnam on 11/4/2020
Beware of Scamming! I've been using Voss Landscape for lawn mowing services for a little over a year now. Earlier this summer, due to not traveling as much during the pandemic, I suspected that we were being charged for services NOT performed. In September 2020, I began to pay close attention to the lawn, and when checked against my invoice, noticed that I'd been charged for 5 separate services when I am sure they only came out 3 times (one charge was for the day after Labor Day when I personally was home all day, and it was raining...still charged for a mowing service that day). So I set up additional surveillance cameras, and waited to get our October invoice to verify against the footage...and sure enough! In October, we were charged for 3 services, and I can 100% verify only 1 was performed. I called Steven Voss to explain my findings, and he immediately got defensive, arrogant, and irritated that I would make such claims. Over the course of the night, I provided Steven (via email) with photos, clearly showing the lawn before AND after the supposed service times, that show plainly indicate that no service had been rendered. After explaining to Steven that I'd pay the adjusted invoice, if we made the accurate adjustments, he became irate, called me a liar who refused to pay up, and is currently threatening to take me to small claims court. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT IF YOU DO BUSINESS WITH THIS GUY, THAT YOU PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE SERVICES RECEIVED. THERE'S NO TELLING HOW MANY TIMES OVER THE PAST YEAR WE'VE BEEN SCAMMED AND SIMPLY PAID BECAUSE WE TOOK VOSS LANDSCAPE AS HONEST...WE WERE CLEARLY WRONG. *I will update this review with photos, emails, and rulings pending the threatened court case.
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by Alice Bungart on 5/29/2014
I cannot be more happy with Voss landscaping, they we're very knowledgeable and personable and got everything done in a timely manner ; the quality of work exceded my expectations, I am so happy with the way my landscaping looks now, I highly recommend Voss landscaping for any landscaping needs
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