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About Us

Wassman CPA Services

(573) 234-5443

Here at Wassman CPA Services in Columbia, MO we aim to serve our customers in the best possible way. Our president started this firm because she believed in being actively involved with her clients. That’s also why we developed something that called The Wassman Way™.
The Wassman Way™ means that we are responsive to our clients, that they get continual interaction with our associates, and that we are smart about the tools and technology we use to make you more profitable. At Wassman CPA Services we love to help our clients and watch their businesses grow, no matter what issues or regulations they face in their industry.
It’s important to build a relationship with an accountant who understands the obstacles business owners face and who has a good grasp into the real-world, day-to-day operations of small businesses.
Accountants & CPA's
Here at Wassman CPA Services we offer many Accountant & CPA services including tax preparation, compilations, reviews, audits, and bookkeeping services. Read below to learn more.

What Are Compilations, Reviews, and Audits?
Many small businesses eventually need compilation, review, or audit services on their financial statements for either a potential income source, investor, or in order to receive a loan.
·      Compilation is the lowest level of service a CPA can provide for a client’s financial statements. A compilation takes your financial information and puts it in the format of a set of financial statements but it does not test the actual detail or confirm your account balances with outside providers.
·      In a review, standards require an accountant to perform inquiries of management and analytical procedures on the information. These procedures include comparing the current period financial statements to the prior period, and also comparing them to the budget and identifying items or relationships between items that do not conform to expectations.
·      An audit is the highest level of assurance an accountant can give on a set of financial statements. Procedures are used during an audit to help determine the areas of the financial statements that could be a concern for error or fraud. They can also be used during review to help assure that no new areas of concern come to light during the audit process.

Tax Preparation Services
I offer a wide range of tax preparation services for individuals and business for a variety of industries. My tax services include:
·      Partnership tax preparation form
·      1065 S Corporation preparation form
·      1120S C Corporation preparation form
·      1120 Gift tax returns form
·      709 Individual returns form
·      1040 Estate and Trust Tax preparation Form
·      1041 IRS Representation Entity Selection
·      Tax planning throughout the year
Bookkeeping Services
Offered on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, bookkeeping services can be provided based on what works best for your business. Some examples of bookkeeping services include: reconciling bank accounts, credit card accounts, and loan accounts as well as entering accounts payable or receivable.
Here at Wassman CPA Services we pride ourselves on following The Wassman Way™. Not only do we take the extra time for our clients, but we understand the obstacles business owners face with real-world, day-to-day operations and we know how to help make the process easy.

If you want optimal customer service and up-to-date Accounting & CPA Services today, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (573) 234-5443.


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