Wild West Tattooz

5402 Business 50 West Suite 5
Jefferson City, MO 65109
Phone: (573) 694-0707
Website: http://www.wildwesttattooz.com/home

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About Us


  • We are the first tattoo studio in Jefferson City!
  • The only studio in Jefferson City open 7 days a week!
  • The only studio in Jeffereson City open till midnight
  • The only shop in Jefferson City that can tattoo under the age of 18 (must have parent consent with I.D and birth certificate)
  • The only studion in Jefferson City with all fully licensed artists! (no apprentices, all artists are fully trained and licensed)


WE ARE THE ONLY SHOP IN THE AREA TO GUARANTEE OUR WORK! (That’s right, we do the first touch-up for free on your tattoo! We want you tattoo to stay looking good for as long as possible.The only exceptions are tattoos on your hands or feet.)

WE ARE TESTED WEEKLY FOR STERILIZATION! (We are very strict about our sterilization. We NEVER RE-USE NEEDLES! All needles are one-time use and then properly disposed of. All other equipment is tested weekly to maintain a totally sanitary, disease-free enviornment.)

THE ONLY SHOP TO HAVE THE WILD WEST ALL YOU CAN TAKE TATTOOS FOR $5OO! (All the tattoos you can take in one sitting for only $500. All tattooing must be done in one session within buisness hours.You are able to take short breaks but nothing more than 10-15 minutes.)

THE COOLEST THEMED SHOP AROUND! (With all the shops around that look like a Starbucks on the inside we want something different! Our shop is decked out in a feel of the wild west! With wall to wall cedar, props, posters, artwork and relics you get a cool, unique experience just by walking in the door. Not to mention each artist’s station has its own unique feel and decor.)

THE MOST RELAXED AND FRIENDLY ARTISTS IN THE AREA! We all love what we do for a living and it shows.We treat each person like a friend and we take our work very seriously, not ourselves. YOU WILL GET NO RUDENESS OR EGOS HERE, just great tattoos from artists who love their work . We are a family buisness with only three artists. Why only three, you ask? We all rely on each other and know each others work, we spend upwards of 14 hours a day together and it never feels like work. With that kind of dynamic why change?)

THE LARGEST SELECTION OF ART IN THE AREA! (We currently have hundreds of thousands of designs to choose from, but if you can’t find that perfect tattoo we can draw one for you! We are more than happy to draw anything you could ever want tattooed!)

THE BEST POSSIBLE TATTOO YOU CAN GET IN THE AREA! (We try not to sound full of ourselves, but we do everything we can to give you the best possible tattoo. Color, black and gray, cover-ups, portraits, pin-ups, tribal, free-hand. We can also draw anything you can imagine and then work with you to bring your tattoo to life!)


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