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Did you know that approximately $268.4 billion was sold at LIVE auction in 2008? In 2008, the fastest growing sectors of the LIVE auction industry were agricultural, machinery, equipment auctions, and residential real estate. Despite a slump in sales of new and existing homes in 2007, revenues from residential real estate sold at LIVE auction grew a solid 5.3% from 2006, and 46.6% since 2003. What might account for this performance? One key explanation is the greater acceptance of the auction method of marketing among homeowners, buyers, institutions, and real estate professionals. Public recognition of the benefits and successful results of LIVE auctions will bring even greater growth to this sector as the housing market recovers. As the sale of real estate through LIVE auction has increased, real estate agents have discovered the opportunity that LIVE auctions provide for quicker turnaround of property. Auctioneers’ interest in marketing real estate has accelerated, due to the auctioneers’ vast knowledge of advertising to target a specific buyer. With Wolfe Auction & Realty, LLC being both auctioneer as well as real estate broker you can take advantage of the best of both worlds.


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