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35 Years Experience

Wolfe Construction is a very skilled diverse company with nearly 35 years experience in the Remodel and construction field. We truly are a one-stop company for all your home building & repair needs.    We service both the Columbia and Jefferson City communities. 

If you have been putting off that next remodel project because you think you can’t afford it. Think again. Call Mike Wolfe and his team today for your FREE estimate.

There is NO job too small or too BIG for Mike and his team.

We specialize in:

  • Remodels, Additions & Renovations (kitchen, basement, Bath)
  • Landscaping Design & Installation
  • Foundation & Concrete Repair 
  • Handyman Services
  • Fencing, Decking & Siding
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical 

Recommendations upon request.

We look forward to working with you in the near future.

Mike Wolfe


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by Kathy Perry on 7/29/2017 (last edited on 7/29/2017)
First I called him at least 4-6 times in a 2 week span. That should have been my first clue. Then I finally got a hold of him and we talked about my project. He told me he was booked out for 5--6 weeks, when I explained my project to him , he thought he could fit it in. We made an appointment for him to meet me at my home. He never showed and I never got a phone call cancelling or to reschedule. I would not recommend him to anyone.
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by Jake Bowlby on 9/22/2014
I called Wolfe Construction regarding a urgent plumbing issue and Mike and his crew were out the next morning and had me taken care of within hours. I would highly recommend this company for all of your home improvement needs. Not only did I meet with the owner but his crew was very professional as well. Keep up the great work guys. Thanks again!
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by Melissa Vogt on 8/28/2012
I met Mike Wolfe several years ago while working in a building he was remodeling. Growing up with a builder, I could tell that Mike was really good at his craft. My aunt was trying to prepare her home to move and it was just not selling. I told her to hire Mike Wolfe. With his creative ideas, on her then tight budget, her home that had been on the market for a while sold in 5 days. His work was truly amazing. I have personally used Wolfe Construction for various handyman services and just purchased a new home. After seeing the terrific remodels, home additions, and beautiful landscaping Mike and his crew have done on my family's homes and my Client's homes, I could not imagine hiring anyone else. I own a small in-home Pet Sitting business and some of my Clients often mention a problem they have with their home or yard during the initial consultation visit. I always encourage them to contact Mike Wolfe for a free estimate. I have now been affiliated with Wolfe Construction for over 3yrs, using them on my contracts for my business as my emergency home repair service. Many of my Clients have used their services and most have been repeat customers. All have been grateful for the referral, extremely pleased with the expert craftsmanship, and glad to know there is a trustworthy, reliable, honest, professional Contractor available for them. I will continue to refer my Clients, friends, and family without reservation. The best service Wolfe Contruction offers is FULL service. They are a one-stop shop. There is no sub-contracting. No putting projects on hold to wait for a plumber or electrician. They do it all and they do it well. And their landscaping services are outstanding. Mike Wolfe approaches each job not as just a job, but as an art project. He is very creative, constantly searching for new and innovative ways of doing projects, and offering his customers wonderful and beautiful ways to improve or remodel their homes and landscape their lawns. I would encourage anyone to check out the photos on his web site to see proof. Mike Wolfe is rare in the Contracting world. You will not find anyone as honest, easy to work with, full of ideas in various price ranges, and someone who truly wants to please his customers leaving them with the highest quality craftsmanship that he stands behind from day one into the future. Finally, from myself to my family to my friends to my Clients, all end up saying the same thing to me, "Once you find a Mike Wolfe you never want anyone else." ~Melissa Vogt, owner, Four Seasons Pet Services, Columbia, MO
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by Virginia Higdon on 8/28/2012
I have suggested to many of my clients that they use Mike Wolfe Construction for their remodeling, landscaping and general fix-up. I have also used their services for my personal home. My experience is that they do excellent work at reasonable prices, have constructive suggestions and stay on the job until it is finished. My clients always agree and appreciate my referring them to Mike and his crew. Virginia Higdon
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by matt skinner on 8/27/2012 (last edited on 8/27/2012)
Mike was easy to work with. He listened to my needs and provided solutions that made it as easy as possible and led me through the remodeling process. We made choices together that fit my budget and my new bathroom is great.
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