Accurate Heating & Cooling

1208 Cosmos Pl Ste Ab
Columbia, MO 65202
Phone: (573) 442-7312

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by Paul Conners on 2/29/2012
The Worst! Can I give zero stars? Do yourself a favor, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! Call the BBB they will tell you the truth. Any one who left a positive review here was either very lucky, ignorant, or fraudulent. . He talks a good talk, but the follow through is more than lacking. Left a mess, holes in the wall, ruined carpet, did not know their product, poor installation, and when we had a complaint, he became rude. They could not have done a worse job! Get this, they wanted to install the new thermostat right next to my wall oven because they did not have the knowledge of how, or own a tool to fish a wire though a wall to a correct location. I'm not kidding Right Next To My Oven. I should have sent them on their way right then. Geniusses. I wish I was making this up. BTW! They DID NOT wear SHOE COVERS at my house. As I said, they don't know what they're doing and over charge for that.. Disappointed!
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