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Your trusted heating and air team

The question is what don’t we do? At Comfort Crew Heating & AC we do it all to maintain the comfort of your home and/or business.

Your trusted heg and air team

The question is what don’t we do? At Comfort Crew Heating & AC we do it all to maintain the comfort of your

Comfort Crew Heating & Cooling

(573) 355-1494

At Comfort Crew Heating & Cooling we take great pride in the service we offer and the level at which we provide it. For all of your heating or air concerns, we can help. We do it all to maintain your business and your family's comfort. From Central air and furnaces to heat pumps, boilers and the latest in ductless heating and cooling systems ask for more details.

We are fully licensed and insured for your protection. There is nothing wrong with a little peace of mind.

At Comfort Crew Heating & Cooling we do it all. from residential to commecial and new construction to remodels, we can help with whatever heating or cooling service you are in need of. From furnaces, hot water heaters to A/C and heat pumpsContact us today!

 •   Heat pumps

 •   A/C units

 •   Furnace 

 •   Water heater 

 •   New install

 •   Tune-ups & repairs

 •   Humidifier

 •   Air cleaner

 •   Thermostat

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by Melissa Lene on 5/19/2019
Professional, fast and friendly service! Highly recommend Chris at Comfort Crew!
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by Shelly Poe on 3/20/2016
I would recommend this company highly, our furnace went out on a late below freezing night and since we have a disabled son they bumped us up in front of the line! Very professional crew and great rates!
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by Mary Proctor on 11/16/2015
11/07/2015 Called Comfort Crew to work on my furnace a week ago they came out told me it was my motor that had to be replaced. They got the motor and had it replaced very quick and did a great job cleaning my furnace. Very happy with the service I got from them and very nice people. I will be sure to call on Comfort Crew for all my Heating and A/C repairs.
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by jill smith on 6/6/2015
I called comfort crew out to our house and we have had a leak in our system for three years we have had other bids on replacing our whole system but it was 8000 dollors comfort crew put a whole new heat pump system in with a 96.1 percent furnace which they call duel fuel it was awesome very nice people to deal with the owner was a week out from doing our new system and he filled my unit with Freon till he could get back the next week and didn't charge me anything .We finally got our bill for a whole new furnace system with heat pump and new thermostat 4000 dollors that's a lot cheaper than anyone else and the work looks great and it passed the first time on inspection .thanks comfort crew you guys are awesome.I will let my friends know.
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by Gene Daugherty on 6/5/2015 (last edited on 6/5/2015)
Hired Comfort Crew to diagnose my A/C unit. They came and said it had a leak and needed refrigerant. Payed $325 for them to come fill it. A little bit after they left a large racket started happening in the air handler near the evaporator coil. Called them back, they came and never came in the house and told me I needed a different unit. Payed them 350 for a used unit that they said there was nothing wrong with. They installed it and while they were doing things it started making the exact same noise and they told me it was just too much oil and they took some out and rumbling went away. Technician finally came into the house but only to check filter. Air worked for a bit while they were here but temps were too cool outside to keep it running. Next time it came on it worked for a bit then stopped cooling. They came and told my brother that everything was good and left once again not coming in to the house to check. Called them again and they said they would be there Thursday at 2....I texted them at 3 when I got tired of waiting and they said they weren't coming because it had been raining...without even bothering to text that they weren't before I spent an hour waiting. They came the next day while my mother was there to meet him and he said they had let out too much "oil"...while they were working on it it made the grumbling sound again for a bit then it stopped. He told my mother that he would wait outside for a bit and to let them know if it started doing anything. Instead he left then texted me that my coil was clogged and that it wasn't working right. when I called him and had a heated exchange he said can replace it for me. He couldn't figure this out one of the other numerous times I called him? I will never use them again he was here 5-6 times and I am still going to have to call someone else to look at it. (Comfort Crew technicians would like me to add that they told me I shouldn't have them put in the used unit that they sold me, I find this argument laughable as they say the issue is my coil and not the unit that they put in and my issue with them is that they didn't diagnose this issue one of the numerous times they were there before and after the used unit was put in.)
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