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by Gene Daugherty on 6/5/2015 (last edited on 6/5/2015)
Hired Comfort Crew to diagnose my A/C unit. They came and said it had a leak and needed refrigerant. Payed $325 for them to come fill it. A little bit after they left a large racket started happening in the air handler near the evaporator coil. Called them back, they came and never came in the house and told me I needed a different unit. Payed them 350 for a used unit that they said there was nothing wrong with. They installed it and while they were doing things it started making the exact same noise and they told me it was just too much oil and they took some out and rumbling went away. Technician finally came into the house but only to check filter. Air worked for a bit while they were here but temps were too cool outside to keep it running. Next time it came on it worked for a bit then stopped cooling. They came and told my brother that everything was good and left once again not coming in to the house to check. Called them again and they said they would be there Thursday at 2....I texted them at 3 when I got tired of waiting and they said they weren't coming because it had been raining...without even bothering to text that they weren't before I spent an hour waiting. They came the next day while my mother was there to meet him and he said they had let out too much "oil"...while they were working on it it made the grumbling sound again for a bit then it stopped. He told my mother that he would wait outside for a bit and to let them know if it started doing anything. Instead he left then texted me that my coil was clogged and that it wasn't working right. when I called him and had a heated exchange he said can replace it for me. He couldn't figure this out one of the other numerous times I called him? I will never use them again he was here 5-6 times and I am still going to have to call someone else to look at it. (Comfort Crew technicians would like me to add that they told me I shouldn't have them put in the used unit that they sold me, I find this argument laughable as they say the issue is my coil and not the unit that they put in and my issue with them is that they didn't diagnose this issue one of the numerous times they were there before and after the used unit was put in.)
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chris kemper on 6/5/2015
I went over to that house the first time and got the rudd air cond unit working that they had than they call me three days later and said that it wasn't working well come to find out their gutters right above ac unit was pooring water on it and shorted the boards out and we changed them for customer and than compresser wouldn't start so we tried to jump start unit and it wouldn't work so unit was dead.So I talked to home owners on forrest street off of garth ave and told them that I had a used unit that worked fine and it did so I told him he could have it for 350.00 dollors which was cheap I just wanted to help them out so I put that unit on and had all the pressures right when it was 60 outside which you can not charge a system when its that cold outside so it ran for three days and they called me back and said it was making a noise so I go over their and its like the unit was full of oil so we reclaimed it to our tank so we do it all over again so it worked for 4 days and he calls back when its 85 out and we go back over their and check everything and unit is froze up so we unthaw it and get it back running and all my pressures are on the we wait for 45 min to make sure every thing is working good and took a video of everything and it was working fine I told this homeowner that I wouldn't get a used ac unit because their is no warranty and he wanted me to do used one this house has no insulation in it and is on last leg when its hot out side you have to have insulation in attic and craw he call me back cussing me out and I just listned to him and than he hung up on me.So about 10 minutes go by and I text him and tell him that we will put a different coil in house and he said no.I tried helping these people but they didn't want it they were very rude.Thanks comfort crew heating and cooling
Shelly Poe on 1/28/2016
I agree 100%! He smelled of beer when he serviced my best friends ac unit! They ended up calling another company to fix his mistakes! He never end returned to finish the job! Please choose another company!
Comfort Crew Heating & Cooling on 2/23/2018
And Shelly Poe have no idea who you are are none of us here at comfort crew drinks so I don’t know if your just posting a review or something but if you would like you could give me a call at 573-355-1494 thanks