Living Canvas Tattoo, Body Piercing & Art Gallery

520 E. Broadway
Columbia, MO 65201
Phone: (573) 442-8287

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About Us

Living Canvas Studio of Tattoo & Art Gallery brings an upscale, sophisticated approach to an age old art form. Living Canvas is Columbia’s premier Custom tattoo and body piercing studio. We offer the highest quality tattoos available. We at Living Canvas have the most accredited and well trained piercing staff in the mid-west. Living Canvas takes pride in the fact that we use only the highest quality piercing jewelry available to ensure our clients have no complications and heal properly. We also only use the highest quality tattoo pigments (inks) available. All Living Canvas staff are certified by the American Red Cross in cross contamination, bloodborne pathogens, first aid and CPR. We meet and surpass all criteria set forth by the the city, county and state. Health department inspected and approved. Members Columbia Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.

This is not your run of the mill tattoo shop. From the moment you enter through the antique oak doors it is visually obvious this is a new breed in body modification studios. High ceilings, hardwood floors, marble fire places simply set the scene for an amazing tattoo or piercing experience. You will be greeted be friendly, knowledgeable, qualified staff that are going to make anyone from the very experienced client to the first timer. Living Canvas is the only studio in the area truly qualified to do Micro Dermal piercings. Living Canvas has artists that cover every range of specialties…..cover-ups, rehabs, portraits, photo realism, traditional, Japanese, tribal ect.

Open 7 days a week
Monday -Saturday 12pm to 12 am
Sundays 12pm to 6pm

Tattoo Artists:
Adya Crawford
Roxane Jeffries
Tommy Volmert
Alfonso “Fonzie” Rivero
and various guest artists from around the country

Piercing staff:
Eric Mezzanotte
Mikey Pahula

Payments Accepted
Master Card


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by Rachel Head on 5/17/2013
A friend and I went to get piercings today on a whim. She decided that she wanted her nostril pierced and I wanted my forward helix pierced and a jewellery change for another piercing. We walked in to this shop and we amazed! It was so beautiful. Wonderful art, hardwood floors, high ceilings, a display case, anatomically correct examples of many piercings. Just awesome! We were greeted very warmly by a tattooist and signed our waivers. One piercer, who was about to leave, looked at my anatomy for a triple forward helix or an anti-tragus, but he suggested that my anti-tragus was too thick and a tfh would be too tricky for my anatomy. He clocked out and we were brought into the back my Mike, who pierced us. The piercing room was neat, clean, and very professional. He was so kind and patient. I ended up getting one forward helix piercing. He talked about the procedure first and then did a breathing exercise with me. Then I was pierced! Wham bam. He was really light-handed. He put in my jewellery and changed my other jewellery lickety-split. He pierced my friend in the same way (but she cried). He then carefully went over aftercare and gave us a print-out of the aftercare instructions and his business card. We'd paid before hand (50 bucks a piece, and then 20 for my jewellery change). Then he sent us on our way! Altogether a great experience! Please go here if you're in town- you will not regret it!
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by Mitchell Parsons on 7/9/2010
Where do I begin? I have been to a few tattoo shops across the country getting a tattoo here and there but when I stepped into Living Canvas something was different. First of all, the atmosphere seemed more professional than usual...I thought I was stepping into an art gallery; and it wasn't about "lets pick a design from the wall like 100 other people have and tattoo it on you". I went in with an idea and I was placed with Roxane Jeffries who didn't just blindly say "sure lets tattoo your idea as is" but added so much more to my idea that the tattoo became so much more that I don't even like calling my tattoos, "tattoos", but truly "living art". Well, needless to say, I just counted my visits and I have had 20 sessions with Roxane and still counting. I am proud to say Roxane Jeffries is my only "living canvas artist". Thanks to Dean for allowing the artists such freedom to be creators with our rudimentary ideas to make them truly an experience and not just a tattoo. And most importantly thank you to Roxane for being so creative with her art. Mitch.
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by Robert Call on 7/9/2010
After checking out several shops and artists Living Canvas stood out well above the rest of the pack. Adya turned my ideas into artwork that I am proud to carry with me. The shop is full of great people who take the extra time to make sure you are informed about the art form. Two very big thumbs up.
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by Sheri Klinzman on 7/9/2010
I can definatly say that my work done at Living Canvas is hands down the best I have had done. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. My work was done by Roxane and she was amazing and meticulous in getting my tats perfect! I will definatly be back to get more work done in the future!! The shop itself was also very comfortable and welcoming and the rooms were all very clean.
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by Grace Devenport on 7/9/2010
For ten years, I had been walking this earth with one of the most hideous tattoos ever seen;I brooded over the decision of whether or not to get it covered up. After viewing the beautiful artwork Living Canvas produced on several of my friends, I finally made my decision. I went in and let Tommy cover my nightmare and it really is a dream come true for me. Now, instead of constantly thinking of ways to cover it up, I display it proudly at every opportunity. On top of the superb art quality, the staff are all friendly and extremely helpful.I highly recommend Living Canvas for your next tattoo or piercing!
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