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by Rachel Head on 5/17/2013
A friend and I went to get piercings today on a whim. She decided that she wanted her nostril pierced and I wanted my forward helix pierced and a jewellery change for another piercing. We walked in to this shop and we amazed! It was so beautiful. Wonderful art, hardwood floors, high ceilings, a display case, anatomically correct examples of many piercings. Just awesome! We were greeted very warmly by a tattooist and signed our waivers. One piercer, who was about to leave, looked at my anatomy for a triple forward helix or an anti-tragus, but he suggested that my anti-tragus was too thick and a tfh would be too tricky for my anatomy. He clocked out and we were brought into the back my Mike, who pierced us. The piercing room was neat, clean, and very professional. He was so kind and patient. I ended up getting one forward helix piercing. He talked about the procedure first and then did a breathing exercise with me. Then I was pierced! Wham bam. He was really light-handed. He put in my jewellery and changed my other jewellery lickety-split. He pierced my friend in the same way (but she cried). He then carefully went over aftercare and gave us a print-out of the aftercare instructions and his business card. We'd paid before hand (50 bucks a piece, and then 20 for my jewellery change). Then he sent us on our way! Altogether a great experience! Please go here if you're in town- you will not regret it!
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