Review of Downtown Appliance Home Center

by Diane epstein on 3/28/2012
Why am I sitting here 5 1/2 hours waiting for your serviceman to show up, and now told that the service dept. and the salesman screwed up and he is not showing up. I spoke to the salesman and told him I wanted to speak to the owner, he said the owner is not in. I said well call him and have him call me. That was about 20 minutes ago. I have since tried to reach the salesman before 6 pm and no one answers. Wow, if I wasted 5 1/2 hours waiting for them you think I could get a call from the owner? Is his time more valuable than mine? Some customer service.
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Diane epstein on 3/29/2012
Spoke to the owner this morning, he said I had an attitude. He said I should have called at 3:00 to find out when the technician would show up, before the tech went home. We had an confirmed appointment, why did I need to call.