Review of St. Clair Corporation

by Ron Lefler on 4/1/2012
We were sold the famous "lifetime" warranty. They filed bankruptcy 3 years later. Right about the time 14,000 dollars worth of product started to fail. I felt cheated.
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Shawn Berry on 5/14/2012
St. Clair is now owned by Armaclad windows and has the backbone you need for peace of mind. Call to schedule a FREE ESTIMATE Shawn 573-289-3055
Natasha Wright on 9/23/2012
I hear you! We bough over $20,000 worth of siding from them. A year and a half later we went to file a claim and they won't help us at all. I pushed it, called the corporate office, everything, but nope. Nothing. I feel for you for sure.