Review of St. Clair Corporation

by Natasha Wright on 9/23/2012
We had our entire home resided in 2009 by St. Clair Corporation. They were not our cheapest bid (coming in at almost $25,000) but we went with them because they went on and on about their superior product and their lifetime warranty and lifetime customer service. It all turned out to be a load of bs when we needed to file a claim less than 2 years later and they had filed bankruptcy. Well, I am not an unreasonable person, I know companies go under BUT, this company has kept their name AND still claim to have served their customers for over one hundred years?? No way! They have not served us, they have screwed us over! We now have issues without "100% lifetime labor and materials" really expensive siding but there is nothing we can do about it besides pay more money. Please, do not be sold on their "customer service" history or their "warranty" history. Buyer beware!
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