Review of Jed Leeper- Associated Real Estate Group

by Billy Bob-jenkins on 11/17/2014
He is a Great real estate agent back down south. He bought me a mighty fine cottage back in 2006! it was 900 sq. foot home one bed room one bathroom and a sweet!!! livin room. you ain't gonna find uh betta agent then yuh nieghboor hood Jep Leeper .
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jimmy outback on 11/17/2014
I would agree billy he sure is a fine agent he got me a beauty man cave up in the mountains. that is right just in NEBRASKA!!! ohhhh weeeeee!!!
craig jhonson on 11/17/2014
i sure do AGREE!!!!
sally rogers on 11/17/2014
na yuh boys are right he is the best out there you would be crazy to not have jed leeper as your agent.