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by Karen Loyd-Minear on 3/5/2017
On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the best. I would rank Salter Lawn Service, LLC, Ashland, MO a negative five (-5). However, in order to submit the review one must select at least a 1 rating. I do not recommend this service. The first time they came out they did a decent job. However, the second time we called for service it became a fiasco! We ask that they treat the lawn for moles as well as put an order in to have the neighbors yard treated. It was close to sunset when the representative from Salter's showed up. They treated the neighbors lawn and then left. Never treated our lawn. A call was made to find out what happened and immediately the owner of Salter's accused me of lying about the lawn not being treated. The bill for service to treat the lawn had already been paid, All we were asking was to get what we paid for. Repeatedly they claimed to have serviced our lawn. They didn't, the evidence is in the yard. Moles have taken over. The neighbors yard is mole free. After trying to come to some kind of agreement to get what we had paid for I became so angry I told them to forget it. They called back not once but a total of four time (the owner & the representative) to try and convince us that they had provided the service we had already paid for. Not once did they offer to come back and do the job. Absolutely no compromise. After they called back the fourth time (very mature individuals) they were told we were done and to leave us alone. They had their money. We had no service. Not a trustworthy service.
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Salter Lawn Service, LLC on 4/30/2017
My name is Guy Salter, the person who treated the lawn. I dont like when people bash our company when a job was done by someone who owns the business. I personally went to the front door to make sure I was at the right house and was told yes by the home owner. I put the treatment down on the this house first and then went over to the neighbors and did the neighbors house last. Im not sure how they didnt see me spreading the grub control on their yard first because I went to the door first to even tell them I was there to put the treatment down. Thats what is upsetting, I knocked on the door to tell the home owner I was there so they knew It was being done - they were inside the entire time I put the treatment down. I finished their yard and then went and did the neighbors right next door. I do not like when people lie about the services that I have personally done. I was there and they knew I was there to treat the yard and I did. I dont appreciate people trying to spread bad reviews - i know for a fact the application was put down on the home owners yard as well as their neighbors because I personally did it. Guy Salter