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by Tim Sutterby on 5/19/2017
Versatile Construction (Sedalia,Mo.) - ( Cole Camp, Mo.)LLC . has a habit of not completing construction as per contract , uses used materials , refuses to give an itemized statement of materials and labor when overages (his terminology) occur . Quickly draws all monies , becomes very unreliable very quickly . He was contracted to remodel a bed room into a bathroom and left the job saying he could not finish the rest of the contracted unless he was paid materials and labor . He was asked many times to provide a detailed statement of these so called overages, never to appear . Prior to the remodel he re roofed the house , the first hard rain the roof leaked severely around the fireplace onto a ceiling which is already falling and was part of the original agreement to repair making it worse and leaked in the newly remodeled room into a light fixture ! It took three days to him to have someone stop the leaks , further ruing both ceilings and offers no support to fix anything more . Very bad business has history of same behavior at several other jobs .
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Nancy Hayworth on 10/9/2017
My daughter and son-in-law bought a house they "re-modeled, said had a brand new roof, it leaks above the upstairs bedroom, back porch ceiling leaks. Now the lights, shower upstairs has a light inside the ceiling also has a switch but they're not wired together but the tub shower downstairs has only the light, there's no switch to turn it on or off. Informed that one if their children had put something in the upstairs toilet but they had removed it, wrong, going to have to redo upstairs plumbing because of that lie. I had asked if dishwasher worked, she said yes, it didn't work and had nasty water in the bottom...I could keep going on but mainly DON'T HIRE THEM TO FIX, BUILD OR ANYTHING ELSE BECAUSE it won't be done right. Then the other light switches in other rooms, two switches but only one light, hole I'd cut to fit for two so can't put the correct plate up unless patch the holes to make the right size. One last thing, they don't live at the above address because that's the house I'm talking about, it's been over 2 years since they lived at that address but always receiving his bills here.
Mary Corpening on 9/6/2019
This guy is about the biggest shyster out there. Shortly after I lost my husband I hired him to do a remodel . He assured me he was there to do a good job especislly after what I was going through. It turns out he starts several projects and never finishes any of them. What he did do all has to be redone. And hes always wanting and needing money for supplies that never appear on the job sight. The contract was for 4to 6 weeks and after 12 weeks my place was left a torn up shambles. No reciepts were ever produced, always excuse as to havingb them later. His wife chimed in and tryed to inform me that no one ever asked for them and who ever told me such didnt know a thing. And thats in avlit better words than she used. Even left with live electrical wires hanging down my wall with them exposed. The last large sum of money to go get the last of my supplies was taken to the bank and cashed and I got nothing in return nor did he return to the job. He is basically a complete liar and theif. During his time here 6 men walked off the job. Partically to not getting paid and partically because they knew the way he was doing things was totally wrong. This guy needs to be gotten off the streets from doing any type of construction work. A REAL CON ARTIST ! His address is now in lincoln mo. He hides behind his grandmother so no one can contact him. Siding comming iff in less than 3 werks. Deck built with nails not screws. 2 lag bolts were all that was orginally used. I coild go on snd on.