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1911 Wolcott Dr
columbia, MO 65202-1904
Phone: 573-303-2733

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by assad raffoul on 11/27/2012
from day one this contractor was dishonest. he started by giving me a 5 years warranty on a Trane furnace because he did not install the AC at the same time when Trane gives a 10 years warranty to all buyers. Than his screwy technician kept telling me that this furnace should last at best 7 years Which is not true. I stopped using them for the yearly inspection. the next inspector found out that they left a cover on the AC (That thompson installed later) not closed properly. it allowed water from the sprinkler to go inside the innards of the AC. Should he have not found this mishap, the unit would have lasted less than 7 years. Stay away from this dishonest outfit
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